Friday, March 19, 2010

For the record.

Just so I have this in writing, my husband, the sports enthusiast, invited me to join in on all the Madness.

I made a March Madness bracket under his profile. They are all under the name Pick & Roll. He has #1 and 2, I have #3.

However, that is not the way they are ordered in the rankings!! My bracket is currently ranked higher, WAY higher might I add.

If I know my husband (and believe me I do), he is going to take credit for Pick & Roll #3. He won't lie about it but he isn't going to come right out and say that I made that bracket. My daddy says that "lying by omission counts as lying." I doubt that Amado's friends will read this but atleast I have evidence.

Amado loves this time of year and enjoys me partaking in the festivities. I am sure he will dominate in the end, but this little victory is huge for me.

Don't forget to vote on the right hand side of my blog! You may vote for the person you think will win the Bracket.


KBroome said...

I voted fo yo mama. Love your blog ALand!

The Ortiz's said...

Thanks Kirbs!! I love yours.

Emma's Mommy said...

Ohhhh - three votes so far each for Yo Mama and You! None for him!