Sunday, March 21, 2010

Go therefore

My baby brother Brandon is headed ALLLLLLL the way across the Pacific to Sydney, Australia this summer. He has been asked to take part in a Cross Cultural Project (CCP) through Campus Outreach Ministries (CO).

NOTE: CO holds a special place in my heart. The Lord has used this ministry to bring me, my husband, and my brother to Himself. Staff members have sacrificially dedicated long hours of hard conversations, encouraged us to look at God's word for understanding, challenged us to seek Him first above all things, exemplified applying the Gospel to relationships/friendships, and pushed us to make Him known. Generations of Ortizs and Lands will look different because those believers invested in us. Thank you!

CO's motto is building laborers on the [college] campus for the lost world. There are teams made up of staff members on college campuses, starting in the South and spreading around the world. CO, spurred on by the Great Commission, chooses to invest in college students. College is a place where most are beginning to figure out who they are and what their purpose is in life. Many students will soon be husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, teachers, doctors, nurses, chemists, lawyers, broadcasters, engineers, et cetera. Most importantly, they ALL should be missionaries. No, I don't necessarily mean sell everything and move to a tribe in a third world country but thinking of everyday as a mission. To do the things you think missionaries do overseas at your job, in your neighborhood, with your circle of friends. Start a bible study, pray with a friend, tell someone about Jesus. If you had cancer and your friend had the cure, would you want them to share the cure to save your life or leave you alone. I personally would want to know the cure. As a Christian, we have the cure. The cure for satisfaction, the cure to longing for truth, the cure to a meaning and purpose, the cure to intimately knowing our Creator, the Master of the universe, the Sovereign One!

Elisabeth Elliot quotes husband Jim's journal entry in her book "Through the Gates of Splendor." Jim writes "I only hope that He will let me preach to those who have never heard that name Jesus. What else is worth while in this life? I have heard of nothing better. 'Lord, send me!'" Oh, I love his passion!!

Brandon has the opportunity to see life outside of our "Bible Belt" and spread the Gospel. Feel free to follow his blog to learn more about his team. You may join the team and support through finances and/or prayer. He will be raising his ministry, airfare, and living expenses for his trip abroad. Check out his blog and contact him if you would like additional information.

If you are a professing believer, do you consider yourself a missionary? Let's share the Gospel more through our everyday lives!

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